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1.Blood Type
2. Shut the door behind me
3. War
4. Good night
5. We are all sick, Mama
6. Boshetunmay
7. In our eyes
8. Try to sign along
9. It"s our time, our turn!
10. Hey you, you better keep walking!
11. The legend
12. Blood Type

It"s warm here but the streets are anxious for our footprints
Stardust on our boots
Cozy armchair with a checkered blanket
The trigger which hasn"t been pulled off in time
Sunny day in blazing dreams


The blood type is on my sleeve
My number on my sleeve
Wish me good luck in the battle
Wish me not to remain here in this grass
Wish me good luck...

I can pay but I do not want victory at any price
I do not want to put my foot on somebody"s chest
I"d like to stay with you, just to stay with you
But the star high in the sky calls me: go!



Shut the Door Behind Me

They say they cannot afford any risk
Because they have a home, there is light there
And I don"t know who of us is right
Rain"s waiting for me outside
Dinner"s waiting for them at their home

Shut the door behind me, I"m leaving
Shut the door behind me, I"m leaving
Shut the door behind me, I"m leaving
Shut the door behind me, I"m leaving
And if you will suddenly get bored by your soothing light
We"ve got a place for you: there"s enough rain for everyone
Look at the watch, look at the portrait on the wall
Listen, there behind your window - you"ll hear our laughter.



Show me people who are sure of their tomorrow,
Draw me portraits of those who died on their way,
Show me the one who survived, one of the regiment -
But somebody must be a door, somebody must be a lock and
Somebody must be a key

Earth, Heaven -
There"s war in between
And wherever you are, whatever you do
There"s war between earth and heaven
There are people somewhere who have day and have night
There are people somewhere who have son and have daughter
There are people somewhere for whom theorem is true
Which will make the wall shake (?)


Good Night

Rooftops are shaking under the pressure of days
A Heavenly Shepherd hereds the clouds,
A city shoots its lights into the night
But strong is the night, great is her power

But for those who got to bed - good night, good dreams...
But for those who got to bed - good night, good dreams...
I"ve been waiting for this time
and now this time has come
Those who were silent aren"t silent anymore
Those who"ve got nothing to wait, mount their horses
You won"t catch up with them, it"s too late now...

Neighbors come, they complain they hear hooves clicking
They can"t fall asleep, it disturbs their dreams
Those who"ve got nothing to wait for - they take off -
those who are saved, those who are saved...


We Are All Sick, Mama

The seeds have fallen into the ground
They"re thirsty for rain - they need rain.
Cut my chest, look inside - you"ll see that it"s all on fire.
It"ll be late next day, it"ll be late next hour,
Next minute you won"t be able to rise.
If the key doesn"t fit the lock - smash the door!

Mama, we are all sick,
Mama, I know, we have all gone crazy...
Steel between fingers, a clenched fist, hits into flesh.
But we have poison in our veins instead of blood - slow poison.
Smashed heads, broken peace, sliced in halves bread -
Then somebody"s crying, somebody"s quiet and somebody"s glad, so glad!

You gotta be strong, you gotta be able to say
Hands off! Hands off me!
You gotta be strong or else why should you to be
Millions of words won"t mean anything when you will need a strong hand
And here you are on the shore,
deciding to swim or not to swim



He who left his home at fifteen
Will hardly understand a private high school student
He who"s got a right schedule for his life
Will hardly be thinking about anything else
We drink our tea in old apartments
We wait for the summer in old apartments
In old apartments where there is electricity,
Gas, telephone, hot water, radio, parquet,
Bathroom, a brick building,
One family, two families, three families,
(no ground or top floor proposals!)
close to the metro, center.
Everybody says we"re together
Everybody says but very few know where we have to gather
And an unusual smoke creeps out of our chimneys
Halt! Danger! Brainwork!
Ooh! Boshetunmai!

In Our Eyes

Wait! Don"t go away!
We"ve been waiting for summer but winter came
We"ve been entering people"s homes but it was snowing in there
We"ve been waiting for tomorrow
Everyday we"ve been waiting for tomorrow
We hide our eyes behind the blinds of our eyelids

In our eyes - hey, go ahead!
In our eyes - halt!
In our eyes - the birth of the day and the death of the fire
In our eyes - starry night
In our eyes - paradise lost
In our eyes - a closed door
Just choose what you want...
We were thirsty - there was no water
We wanted some light - there was no star
We walked out into the rain and drank water from puddles
We wanted songs - there were no words
We wanted sleep - there were no dreams
We were mournful - the orchestra was celebrating a victory


Try to Sing Along

The snow outside has lost its whiteness
In the glass of puddle we see the moon
We are walking, we are strong and we are fresh,
Frozen fingers break matches, the matches will burn the fire

Try to sing along
Stand close to me
This is our day - we"ve learned it from stars
From omens of fire and water, from gods casting their eyes
And we step onto the unfinished bridge
We believe in our stars and everybody cries out: I"m ready!

And the weak - live from bottle to bottle
They complain: "they don"t let us sing, you can"t sing here"
But we are walking on, we are strong and fresh
Our frozen fingers break the matches, the matches will burn the fire


It"s Our Time, Our Turn!

We wanna see further than windows across the street
We wanna live, we wanna have our nine lives
And here we are to claim our rights, yes!
Can you hear the rustle of our coats - here we are!

It"s our time, our turn!
We were born in crowded apartments in new districts
We lost our virginity fighting for love
The clothes you made for us no longer fit us
We"ve grown out of them
And here we are to tell you that


Hey You, You Better Keep Walking!

I"m walking along the street
I want nothing
I put on my shades and I see nobody

Hey you, you better keep walking or you"ll be in trouble
I go to concerts for free
In the fall, in the winter I go
In the spring and in the summer
Hey you, you better keep walking or you"ll be in trouble
I come home late at night
Switch on my stereo
And my next door neighbor groans - he"s having a nightmare
Hey you, you better keep walking or you"ll be in trouble

The Legend

The outcry is stuck in my throat
But the time has come and you cry or you don"t
But then somebody won"t be able to forget
The warriors
Who were cleansing their swords on the grass
And how the raven"s black tribe were clapping their wings
And how the sky was laughing and then bit its tongue
And how the hands of the one who survived were trembling
And how the moment suddenly became an eternity
The sunset burnt like a funeral pyre
And stars were gazing like wolves from clouds
At those who passed into the Night and were lying with their arms abreast
And at those who survived and were sleeping dreamless
And life is just a word
if there"s love and there"s death
But who"ll be singing if everybody will fall asleep?
Death is worth living
And Love is worth waiting...